How to merge multiple drives and or define what constitutes a drive

Bluebird_ET 5 months ago • updated by MarkRoderick yesterday at 10:21 a.m. 2

I'm new to TeslaFi and loving it so far. Please let me know how to address the following issue: On my commute, if I stop 1 min to collect mail, then stop for 5 mins at Starbucks, and finally drive to work, this is recorded as three drives. Is there a setting I can use to set a minimum time between drives so that these three would be recorded as a single drive?

Related to this, if I merge drives 1 and 2, I'm blocked from merging the result with the remaining drive in the above example. Is there a way to merge multiple drives?

Finally, is there a guide which explains all the icons on each page? Most are pretty obvious, and I've guessed others, but a guide would be really nice, or a popup explanation if mouse hovers over a command icon without clicking.


I would really like that ability to set a minimum time between drives.  I have used automatic in the past and this was a feature that they had that was really helpful.

I could have sworn they had this feature previously, but I don't see it now. Can the developer help here?