Explain consumption difference between TeslaFi's "Drive Details" and car's display

MarcMMueller 12 months ago • updated by rajeshnairg 4 months ago 3

Yesterday I made a 35 minutes drive to home. After that, my Tesla's display showed up 181 Wh/km. But TeslaFi's "Drive Details" gave me 241 Wh/km for this route. How this difference can be explained? I feel much better, when I'm able to beat 200 Wh/km (~322 Wh/mile) with my X90D ;-) Thanks (I'm new to TeslaFi)


I would also like to see the usage as reported by the car in the log.

I've been seeing TeslaFi reporting high as well.

Same here. Does TeslaFi account for accessories that Tesla may not be?