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Drive Search/Download Times Out on Large Data Sets

mkolowich 10 months ago • updated by James 6 months ago 3

When attempting to run a query in "Drive Search/Downloads" that captures a very large data set (for example, all of my 5,400 drive records), TeslaFi displays a timeout error screen from CloudFlare:

Under review


I tried removing the elevation graph and some unnecessary calculations but it's still timing out.  Cloudflare does not have a solution for resolving the timeout error.  I'll have to look into changing the queries to speed things up.




Thanks, James.  Elsewhere in Feature Requests, I suggested a workaround that would create a "summary data only" checkbox that could be used with search results for large datasets.  I suspect that these large searches are really trying to get at the summary data rather than the individual drive listings anyway.  Just a thought...

In this page getting the summary involves calculating all of the individual data on the fly and parts of it are used for tagging and downloading.

I'm thinking about capping the amount of search results to a high as possible before timing out.  I receive error notifications if it times out and it doesn't happen very often.

Does the Road Trip page https://www.teslafi.com/roadTrip.php or the Lifetime Map page https://www.teslafi.com/lifetime.php provide you with what you're looking for as an alternative?