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Showing as idling but is not, have driven and charging but not visible

TylerHilliard 12 months ago updated by PPlusa 12 months ago 2

Do not know what to do. Connection to my Tesla app is find. Did a scroll wheel reset but that didn't get the data flowing. Really do not like that I am missing out on data being logged

It's happened for me a few more times since, sometimes opening the Tesla app is enough, other times I need to open a door to wake the car. When it happens, even if the Tesla app is enough to wake it, it normally takes a minute or two for the Tesla app to connect. I just did a scroll-wheel-reboot after my work commute wasn't logged, and it started recording again.

I somewhat suspect a bug in the vehicle's firmware or wifi-cellular handoff.

Under review

Unfortunately the Tesla API has been down.  It looks like it's starting to come back up now.  https://downdetector.com/status/tesla/