Split Drives When Offline?

ervwalter 2 years ago updated by adam.rutt@outlook.com 2 weeks ago 13

I park at work in an underground parking garage where my Model S gets no LTE signal.  Today, I drove to work in the morning, parked for 3-4 hours, then left and went to lunch.  I then did some additional errands.  Two interesting observations:

1. The drive to work then to lunch is showing up as one long drive even though my car was offline for 3+ hours in the middle.  I assume this is because the last data point before I entered the garage had me driving the car and the first data point after leaving the garage had me driving the car.  I see a button to manually split a drive (more on that later), but is there a feature (or could there be a feature) to automatically split a drive when there is an extended period of being offline in the middle?

2. The split a drive button didn't work.  It said that drives in progress could not be split.  That drive is not really in progress anymore, though, and there are other later drives already in the database.  Bug?



I think I found the problem.  I had originally coded the script to only allow altering of up to 500 records just in case something went wrong with splitting.  I just changed this number to 2000.  Please let me know if it works now.

Under review


I've tried automatically splitting drives multiple times and different ways but ultimately things do not work as expected and the way people want them to.  In the end doing it manually was the safest way to do it.  I do plan on looking at it again though.

Was any drive in progress when you were attempting to split that drive?  It should work as long as the vehicle is not driving but there could be a bug.

any news on that. I have now an underground car park on my work and every day I have to split my drive, which is for me a bad user experience. My car is offline for hours, and comes back online with only <1% less used energy, I think this indicated that the drive can be splittet automatically. 

@james I also park underground and drives wont end unless I park outside with data. Can you make it a toggle to enable auto-splitting - this gives users the option to try it and see if it works for them. Or enable a switch for auto-split based on approximate last location

That drive was not in progress (it was several hours later), though the car was offline at the time (back in the underground parking garage), and so a different drive was probably in progress.  That might be the problem.  If it is, then the bug is probably really low priority, since it's a a very rare occurrence that I'm trying to split a drive in the middle of the day (while in the middle of a different "offline drive".

Regarding automatic splitting... my only problem with manual splitting is that this is likely to hit me almost every weekday.  There is wifi in the elevator shaft at work, so if I can park in one of the two parking spots by the elevator (as I did today), then I eventually the car will connect, at least for a short duration, and the drive will end.  But I can't reliably get one of those two parking spots.

I guess the downside of incorrectly merged drives (that I don't manually fix) are:

  1. My stats on destinations driven to will be wrong, since "Work" won't generally show up as a destination
  2. The durations of these drives are wildly wrong (many hours long instead of 30-40 minutes each way)
  3. These drives show up with very low data accuracy

I'll probably just mitigate (1) by hiding "Work" from the top 10.  I don't know if (2) and (3) matter or have any downstream impact.  It just feels weird to ignore statistics that I know are wrong, and I I have a compulsion to fix them which means a lot of manual splitting.  

Personally, if there was an optional setting that was off by default that auto-split any drive with more than X minutes of offline time in the middle of the trip, I'd turn it on for sure and choose 30 minutes or something for the threshold.  Manually re-merging the few incorrectly split trips would be a lot less work than manually splitting most of my commutes to work. 

Same here. And my latest drive won‘t split using the manual function

I'll look into this.


I think I found the problem.  I had originally coded the script to only allow altering of up to 500 records just in case something went wrong with splitting.  I just changed this number to 2000.  Please let me know if it works now.

Since I park daily in a garage without connection this problem is known to me. But in addition there are some drives, that are recognised as 2 drives but the manual split is not carried out... For my case with nearly daily manual split, I'd prefer a sort of automatical split. 

I just realised that there were 2938 entries/records in this drive because the car was parked nearly 2 days "underground"...


I also park underground while at work and would appreciate automatic splits. Would it be feasible to limit application of auto splitting to certain route patterns? For example, one pattern is home to work to childcare. Thanks!

It's still an issue like described 2y ago. Underground Parking Garage, vehicle is offline since hours (7+ showing on top). Cannot split a drive from 2 days ago, because a drive is still in progress.

Same issue for me, cannot split the drive as a drive is still in progress. This is really confusing and messing up my daily commute stats. 

Can you please allow splitting of drives while TeslaFi thinks the car is 'driving'. I park every day in basement car park with no service and because I always park there, currently all my drives get combined unless I park somewhere with service. When I am home, there is no way for me to split drives as TeslaFi thinks the car is 'driving' but it is actually parked but is offline.