Supercharger costs are still defaulting to savings instead of cost, despite the much higher numbers of owners paying vs. free.

SalisburySam 3 years ago updated by SaneGaming 10 months ago 1

While at one time all S and X vehicles included free supercharging and some 3s, that has long gone away.  Most vehicles now only get pay-per-use supercharging.  At this point, the supercharging log default should be “cost,” not “savings.”  Yes, one can edit but the process to do so is cumbersome and must be done one entry at a time.

Let me suggest a better approach might be to set a global variable with the car specs so the supercharge log can default to either costs or savings as appropriate.  This would also make it easier for owners to change the setting if, say, they get 1000 free supercharging miles or other reward.  It would be easy to return to original setting when the free supercharging expires.

This was brought up two years ago, again 1 year ago, and now with free supercharging being taken away by Tesla for cars that previous had it, logging this as savings accommodates a small and decreasing percentage of owners.

This is still a problem, can we please get this moved over to cost?