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rrrm3 4 years ago updated by Cedric 4 months ago 10

While connected to a charger, the car will start brief charges many times, making the Charges overview cluttered.
I would like to merge these. Maybe even have them merged automatically, all charges in between drives?

Is there a way to merge more than 2 charging sessions?

my home charger seems to regularly stop/restart sessions. I have for example sessions 1, 2, 3, 4. I can merge 1 - 2, and 3 -4, or I can merge 2 - 3 but the merge option does not let me merge the 4 sessions.

No, but the best way to handle this is to set a schedule charge start time in the vehicle itself so it will only charge once per day.

Thanks, I realise I was unclear. The sessions are interrupted for like 30s then charging starts again automatically so scheduling won't help. But I guess that does not change your response.

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A merge charge option has been added to each charge menu:

Another vote for this feature.
I charged overnight at a hotel and got one big charge along with 7 tiny top offs hourly through the night as Sentry Mode used a tiny bit of energy.

Using the "Display charges over" option gets you partially there, but now that those charges are hidden, you then see all the different sentry mode idle sessions. It's not really clear that you'd want to aggregate them all together with the charges in one block since you'd lose the charge/idle/charge/idle information. You almost want to keep all of that but group it together somehow. I can see now how this requires some deeper thought.

Under review

This is still something we're looking at and have a few attempts at so far but another solution is to use settings->account->preferences->display charges over x kWh added.

If this is changed to something like .2 kWh it will hide these little charges.

The inelegant solution is to manually stop the charge cycle (via app or unplugging the car). I try to time my charges by hand to low demand periods (I don't have time of use billing, but I am trying to be grid friendly), so I'll manually stop/start charges. It is imperfect if you are on a higher power charger vs. trickle charging @ 1KW, but should still be doable. High effort though.

I'd love to see this enhancement too. When i'm charging at work, the big session will end, and then there's a 3-4 minute top up charge every hour due to Sentry Mode. It would be really great if we could have a setting per location that automatically combines charges that occur without sequentially between drives. Right now my charge counts are artificially inflated as a result.  


oh wow. I have the same question right now. It really annoys me that I get easily over night 15 single and small charges belonging to a large initially made one. :(